Nina Marie Blogs is a blog website that features articles about different aspects of a lifestyle. Its a fun platform where serveral opinions, trends, special life moments, accomplishments, home decor, food recommendations are shared with each reader that visits the blog.

This blog is written with the everyday woman in mind and talks about travel, fashion trends, easy vegetarian recipes, and everything that includes a daily life in general. Its a fun space where woman readers can take a moment and find inspiration on an outfit or the latest makeup tip. This lifestyle blog website is a place where all daily life scenerios are shared in a down to earth way where absolutely anyone can undestand what it written in each blog post.

Daily life with schnoodle Nittany Mae is often talked about in the blog – photos and reels including Nittany Mae is featured almost once a week. Weekend getaways to domestic cities like Savannah, Georgia; Key West, Florida; State College, Pennsylvania; or New York City, New York are shared with photos to tell a story of the whole trip. This is fun for readers seeking travel information or reviews and suggestions on where to eat, what hotel to book, what to pack or plan to wear or how life is lived in other cities.

As a mom of two adult girls life can get twisted, changed, and dominated so sharing life experiences on motherhood is helpful to other moms. Especially, when it comes to learning disabilities, mental illness, and challenging teenage stages, college prep, college move ins and move outs. All of those parent things are shared on Nina Marie Blogs blog.

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