My Quick Skincare Routine!

Who has time for a long-winded skincare routine anymore??  When I get up I have to hit the ground running most days.  No wonder I look forward to the weekends even though my automatic alarm wakes me up at 7AM, smh (shaking my head).

After so many years of trial + error, I think I’ve mastered a quick, easy, and effective skincare routine.  The way I think about it, as long as I start off with a clean face, apply vitamin C + SPF I’m good to go.  In my opinion, those are the top 3 things I need to worry about.  So that’s exactly what I do.

I feel that with so many amazing skincare brands out there we want to dip into it all.  Especially if you’re a skincare junkie like me.  But are we giving these products a fair advantage??  About three years ago, I wouldn’t give a skincare product a full two weeks.  I was so curious I would dabble into so many other products that had pretty packaging or sounded cool.  Now, I stick with something until I basically finish the bottle unless of course it breaks me out or I have an allergic reaction – which is rare.

Another thing, I love mixing high + low-end skincare – just because it’s sold at the local drugstore doesn’t mean it’s any less effective, right?  We discovered a while back that companies make both high-end and low-end products, with many of the same ingredients and formulas.  Like Maybelline + IT Cosmetics or L’Oreal + YSL + Lancome, or how about NYX + Urban Decay???  Look into it you’ll find yourself still reading an hour later.

It has been highly requested that I share what I use in my morning skincare routine.  I created a reel video on my Instagram follow me there @ninamarieblogs.  You can catch all of my daily highlights there too!  A reel is a short video no longer than 30 seconds – a lot like TikTok if you are familiar.  A super fun way I like to share things like my skincare routine, makeup tips, my favorite beauty products + why, on, and on…


Vitamin C serum helps protect your skin from free radicals, most dermatologists have recommended applying it in the morning to prevent damage during the day.
Depuffing – With a moisturizing formula that truly works, get through your day looking and feeling better with less puffiness, dark circles, and the appearance of fine lines around your eyes.
Essence will combat signs of eye fatigue, including dark circles and puffiness. With daily, AM and PM usage with eye massage, you will see an improvement in these signs of fatigue. You may also keep the gel stored in a cooler place to enhance the benefits to reduce puffiness.
You need sunscreen during all daylight hours n- UVB and UVA rays from the sun are what cause sun damage. UVB rays which are responsible for sunburn are strongest from 10AM to 4PM.


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