My Favorite Bodysuit!!!

Hey guys…how are you??  I hope you’re doing well and are finding September to be a special month like I do.  I guess I’m a little biased because it is my birthday month, I turned 42!  So many things to be grateful for and I’m blessed to have you here supporting me.  I love what I do and if it wasn’t for you being here Nina Marie Blogs wouldn’t be a thing – I just think it’s important that you know this.  So Thank YOU!!

Now that I got all the mushy stuff off my chest…I want to share a bodysuit line I have been pretty impressed with lately.  First I want to say that I’m typically not a fan of bodysuits as they ride up your butt and aren’t the most comfortable.  Or what if you need to pee really bad and have to deal with the unbuttoning, buttoning it back up, sounds messy.?.?  Hahaha…

The brand SKIMS is created by a woman – I think you know of her, Kim Kardashian.  Yes, while that name holds a lot of controversies she does design a great bodysuit.  It comes in a few different styles and multiple colors, I just love them.  I’ve already ordered a few and let’s just say they are on repeat!  This bodysuit is like nothing else I’ve ever owned in my closet.  They are buttery soft, support your body without being too tight or uncomfortable.  Another thing I love is that it’s not see-thru which is important for those of us who have darker areolas + nipples.  Gosh, I can go on and on…

The price point is fair considering all the positives + versatility.  It has permanently taken a spot in the basics section of my closet and will stay for a long time.  I wear them under moto jackets, I’m often pairing them with the many blazers I own, and they are perfect alone with cut-off shorts and flip flops.  Like I said, it’s a versatile piece – and you’ll find all the colors to go well with each season.  Check out their fall color palette it’s so pretty!!


Bodysuit | Flannel | Joggers | Sneakers
Bodysuit | Skater Skirt | Sandals | Handbag
Cardigan | Bodysuit | Belt | Shorts | Shoes
Cardigan | Bodysuit | Shorts | Shoes
Hat | Bodysuit | Shorts
Hat | Cardigan | Bodysuit | Shorts | Shoes | Belt
Sunglasses | Moto Jacket | Bodysuit | Belt | Jeans | Heels | Handbag

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