Dorm Room Must Haves

I am about to move my second child into her college dorm at The University of Alabama in the fall of 2023.   I have a little experience with this because I moved my oldest daughter into her dorm at Penn State University in 2020.  I can still remember ordering so many items we ended up not taking them out of the packaging all school year long.  It was a waste of money.  But what did I know??  It was my first time moving my daughter into her dorm and I was overwhelmed.  She was raised in the sunshine state of Florida and was moving 1008 miles away to a cold state where it snows, Pennsylvania.  As a parent, all I could think of is how do I make sure she has everything she needs when she needs it?.?.  This lead to overbuying and wasting a lot of time + money.  Let’s not do that this year, lol.

This type of post is necessary for parents who are first-timers or just want to have a good foundation come move in time.  I tried to keep this gender neutral but I am a girl mom so it was sort of hard.  I’m surrounded by pink + girly things most of the time so naturally I sway in that direction.  I will link a printable list of items so you can have it for your son/daughter.  Click this link for the printable version here.

Dorm room checklist

Everything is linked for your convenience and I thought it would be a good idea to categorize each one by room.  I hope this is helpful or at the very least a great starting point for you all.  I wish you all the best on your exciting journey!!   And for all my parents out there I’m so happy to share such a proud “parent” moment with you.

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dorm bedroom necessitiesDorm bathroom necessities

dorm room must haves


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