My New Summer Bag!!

I don’t know about you but I believe that Summer starts when the kids finish school for the year.  What do you think?  My girls are 19 + 17 so they have their own agendas when it comes to planning summertime activities.  They also work now and have other responsibilities so planning vacations for our whole family is really hard.  I really miss when they were little babies because the short trip to the neighborhood splash pad was a blast for them.  We’d spend a little over an hour there and grab lunch at Chickfila and they were ready for bed by 8:30pm.  My mom would tell me to cherish those moments because they grow up so fast and life takes a different route.  Boy was she telling the truth.  I often wonder why it is that our kids grow up to admire their friends more than their parents.  After all, we are the ones who raised them and love them unconditionally.

Typically, I love getting a bag for each season and I wear it with absolutely everything for that season.  Do you know what I mean???  I also keep a budget in mind according to my commissions, etc…On this everyone will be different.  And I have to say that no matter your budget you can always find something super cute for any season.  Do you agree??  A few things to keep in mind when shopping for a handbag, price, color, size, and availability.  You never want to buy something that is going to sell out and never come back in stock.  You also want to pay attention to your audience if you are a blogger and make sure to stay within their price points.  When it comes to color, this doesn’t change too much but there is almost always a new color introduced.

This Summer my bag is the Chloe Woody Logo Large Basket Tote Bag.  That’s a mouth full!!  I will also link similars because I listen to you and I know you love when I do that.



I also link similars!!

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