Nina Marie Blogs blog post include recipes for vegan, vegetarian and keto friendly lifestyles. Another hot topic is desserts which is often shared on the home page of blog. Some popular recipes are Super Moist Banana Bread, Strawberry Vanilla Bundt Cake, Super Bowl Cauliflower Wings, and Real Homemade No Chicken Noodle Soup.

Often there are substitutions made to make a recipe aline well with your diet lifestyle. You can easily take out or replace any spice, herb or protein with something of your liking. These healthy recipes are designed to be verstile and easy for anyone on the go.

Recipes found on Nina Marie Blogs are short and straight to the point. It includes a breif description, and follows with ingredients and directions on how to make the recipe. The recipes do not take too long to make and the freshest spices and herbs are used in the vegan, vegetarian or keto friendly recipes. Nina Marie lives a busy lifestyle so fast and delicious recipes are created. Many who follow this blog are entreprenuers, busy moms, or people who live a fast lifestyle but want something healthy + yummy to eat.

Vegetarians don’t have to go about life eating salads everyday all day long. This blog is an inspiration to those wanting to live a healhy lifestyle. It also mentions resources like Thrive Market, Whole Foods Market, Publix, HEB, Wal-Mart and Target for easy ways to buy healthy ingredients for each recipe. There are several links that accompany each ingredient in the recipe for easy access if you should want to purchase online home delivery.