Easter Dresses Under $100

Easter Sunday falls on April 17th this year! Are you the type to get all dressed up and fancy??? Or do you and your family like to take it easy and just have a relaxing weekend overall?

My family likes to do a little bit of both…sometimes we get all dressed up + make a reservation at a nice restaurant + eat till they have to roll us out + enjoy being together as a family.  Typically afterward, we will go home and just chill out for the rest of the day. Then there are those Easter weekends where we invite the family over and BBQ with all of our favorite side dishes + desserts.  Either way, the most important thing for us is to be together as a family and to celebrate Easter.  Fun, fun, fun…

I knew it was time for this post to take place because my friends + family are already asking me for outfit inspiration.  There is so much to choose from at amazing price points.  I remember the days when you had to spend a pretty penny on a dress for Easter.  It was like the more you spent the more special the dress.  Today, it would be considered ridiculous to spend too much – especially if you’re only wearing it for that one day.  If you are planning to wear it more than once I can see where it would make sense to spend more.

There are so many beautiful styles + prints for the season.  Bright and muted pastels that would look beautiful on any skin tone.  If you are more of a pattern girl there are gingham, paisley, and floral prints everywhere.  I’m telling you these boutiques have stepped it up this year with everything they are featuring in spring 2022.

My favorite dress style is a midi dress  – preferably with a ruffle sleeve.  It happens to be what I’m drawn to every year.  Not only for Easter weekend but also for spring + summer.  There’s just something timeless + feminine about a dress with ruffles, ya know?

red dress spring dresses


lulus spring dresses


shop the mint spring dresses



I hope you find this post is helpful in preparing you for Easter weekend.  There are so many great finds out there and I think I found some stunners.  If you go with any of these dresses please feel free to tag me on Instagram @ninamarieblogs. Well, I gotta go catch a pilates class before they lock me out for being late again.  See ya 👋🏼

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