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Hi, my name is Nina, and I am your typical “girl next door” with a twist. All my life I have had a passion for everything health & beauty. Weirdly my background isn’t in health & beauty, it’s in education. I have an undergrad in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education and a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership. With my experience in education & my knowledge of the beauty world, I’ve decided to create this blog to help me educate those out there who might need the inside scoop. I also would love to meet more individuals who share my similar interests and learn more about what I surround myself with all the time – fitness, makeup, hair stuff, etc…. You get the picture.

At the same time, I am a mother of two beautiful daughters Jasmine & Erica; and a pup named Nittany Mae.  I also have a set of twins Matthew & Lauren who really belong to my husband Todd, but I have claimed them as my own.  Todd and I are very different as he is all business, and I am more of a creative personality who LOVES shoes & facials!!  Yin and Yang I guess?


















All posts on this website are representative of my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences with products and other health & beauty topics. Neither my website nor I am sponsored by any companies represented on ninamarieblogs.com.  All product & blog images are non-copyrighted and owned by their respective owners.  Some posts may include affiliate links that help support my blog & videos.


I only recommend products that I genuinely and honestly recommend, but I can’t guarantee everything will work on all skin types. Please take into account your own skin type and allergies and wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.


Any paid for advertorials will be clearly stated (following ASA guidelines) at the bottom of blog posts, in the title of videos and in the top line of the YouTube description box.Some of the links on this site and under my videos are affiliate links which mean I can make a small percentage of money from the items sold through my link.

The advertising on this site is run through SkimLinks.  I am not affiliated with any of the brands that are shown. If, as a reader, you ever find the adverts stop you from being able to read the blog, please do let me know. I try to always consider the viewing experience.  Daintyfemme.com uses Cookies, to learn more about cookies and how to disable them, visit here.


The products mentioned on this site and my YouTube channel are a mix of PR samples and products I have bought myself.


Everything you see on this website was created by me (Nina P.S.) unless otherwise stated. Stock photos are also purchased for certain posts using this site here.  Please do not use any photos or content without first asking my permission – nina@ninamarieblogs.com.  As some photos were purchased with my own money.




  1. Angel says:

    Hi Nina,
    I came across your website through research(I do a lot of that). Anyway, I am in the mist of skin repair and putting together a natural skin
    regimen. I really like using natural oils, herbs, and extracts for health issues. I like your website. I see good results on your pictures. I am
    using baking soda to rid acne scars. I want to let you know that you can also make alkaline water with baking soda. Take a half teaspoon of
    baking soda to about 10 to 12 oz of water. Mix the two and drink it down. It is a little salty ,but very beneficial. It removes bloating, rids
    excess acidity in the body,and it detoxifies your system.You can add lemon juice(fresh juice) or lemon extract to your baking soda water.
    My name is Angel. you are more than welcome to write back. I love sharing helpful information concerning health and beauty. Look forward
    to hearing from you. May God richly bless you and your family.

    1. Nina says:

      Hi Angel!

      You are so right. My mom adds baking soda to hot water and drinks it as a “hot tea”. She says it helps her a lot in how she feels from day to day (notices a big difference). I honestly have never tried it. Not because I am opposed to it, but it’s just one of those things that is ‘out of sight out of mind’. Now that you have mentioned it – I am really curious. As of now, I only use it as a brightening mask, and to whiten my teeth. I love it for those things. It works!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your info with me. I also love doing my research but more on skin care. Please keep sharing!!! XoXo – Nina

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