Spinach + Mushroom Tofu Bowl

If you haven’t heard already over on Instagram or Facebook, Todd + I decided to eat a vegetarian lifestyle for one month.  I know I can do longer that’s not the problem…the thing is I didn’t want to do this alone which meant I wanted Todd to join me.  He is a huge meat + potatoes kind of guy so asking him to go all-vegetarian is a HUGE ask.  I knew if I said, “only for one month” he would be on board and may like it and even want to do it longer.

It’s been four days, so far, the hardest part is finding foods or combinations of veggies + proteins that we like.  The Tofu Spinach Bowls were a hit and we love them!  They are super easy to make and fast to cook up.  We added the garlic sauce + hummus for flavor and also sprinkled in some steak season I had in the spice drawer.  I’ve learned that no matter what kind of foods you’re eating flavor is key.  So for us, the flavor has been added through salt-free spices, robust olive oil, flavored hummus, and garlic + herbs.  Another thing we notice is that if our plates are colorful it tricks our mind into believing it’s going to be a fabulous meal.  Most of the time this is so true and it ends up tasting delicious.


40z of tofu grilled in a pan with olive oil + steak seasoning

Sauteed spinach with mushrooms + olive oil + 1oz bone broth

Baked sweet potato and only included 1/3 in the bowl

1 tbs of hummus (pick a flavor)

Drizzled Chili Garlic Sauce across

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