Air Fryer Recipes That I love!!

Hey guys, today’s post is all about healthy options but still keeping it tasty + delicious.  In my hectic life, an air fryer has come in handy!!  The girls use it too and they also feel it is super easy to use and makes food even better than in the oven.  It also takes less time!

One of my favorite cheat meals to cook in our air fryer is mozzarella sticks (we love the ones from Costco).  They take about 8 minutes to cook, flipping them around halfway thru and they come out so cheesy + crispy.  I dare you to give these a try I bet you won’t eat just one.  Just saying…

So back to my healthy options…

I really love chicken + salmon dishes.  I like beef too but I feel it is so much heavier than chicken or a piece of salmon so I can’t eat it on a regular basis.  I enjoy an amazing steak when Todd and I have a date night.  Two places I rave about to all my friends + family are Ruth Chris or Bleu Rondez Vous in Sanibel – I order a 6oz. filet, medium rare, yum so tasty!!

My favorite air fryer recipes come from a few YouTube videos I found online.  I love video versions of recipes because the person actually shows you step by step how to prepare and cook the dishes.  This is so much better for me because I am a visual person.  They also don’t hesitate to get straight to the point as I also have a short attention span.  Don’t we all???

I love these recipes because they take no time at all, clean up is super fast + easy, and the ingredients are already what I have in my pantry + fridge.  It’s really a no brainer.  I know you’re probably thinking, “anyone can cook a piece of chicken or salmon”.  Yeah, that’s what I thought too…but after many failed attempts of burned or dried-out chicken breasts on the grill/stove top it’s safe to say these recipes save me in the kitchen.

When it comes to our schedule, having a meal plan ready to go is a good idea.  We enjoy that these recipes take no time to cook, the clean up is super easy, and we are guaranteed a delicious meal!  Which all play into one of my life’s mantras, “make life as easy as possible but not as lazy as possible.”


I love all the flavor in this recipe!!  I typically pair this with the following sides: asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower mash, or sauteed spinach + red pepper flakes.


I use this recipe for salad, chicken salads, sandwiches, lettuce wraps, etc…


I love salmon so much for the taste and the health benefits.  I usually pair this with a simple arugula salad like shown in the video, cauliflower rice, broccoli + cheese casserole (I can share this keto recipe if you want), or mushrooms.


This is a kid favorite, wasn’t part of my blog post plan for today.  I figured why not throw it in since you’ll be using the air fryer anyway.  Your kids will thank you!!! I usually pair this with Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese + apple sauce or peas + broccoli.

You will not be disappointed with any of these recipes.  They are guiltless, tasty, and so easy to make.  You literally can’t and will not mess this up.  Happy air frying y’all!!

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