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Self-care + beauty routines help to make you more confident, release stress and feel more beautiful.  This is no wonder many people love a good pamper session.  I always try to fit in at least one self-care evening a week – usually happens on a Friday or Sunday.  It includes a good face steaming, my favorite mask, and a steep in the tub with Epsom salt + essential oils.  The Epsom salt helps with pain relief, soothes tired muscles, detoxifies the body, and softens the skin.  My go-to essential oil combo is peppermint + frankincense.  Together, it literally melts all of my worries from the day away and I fall asleep so quickly afterward.

Here are a few essential oil kits I recommend:

Here are some of my must-have home essentials for a beauty junkie like myself!!

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  1. Travel makeup brush holder – is such a neat invention as it keeps your brushes protected + doubles as a brush holder and stands up on its own.
  2. Eco Tan remover mitt – I never believed anything could remove fake tan off your skin.  This does the trick and also gives your skin a gentle exfoliation.
  3. Heated eyelash curler – For someone born with board straight lashes, this little thing helps a lot!!  It a no-brainer and works like a charm – lashes stay curled all day.
  4. Makeup brush cleaner – the BEST on the market hands down!!  It cleans your brushes with ease and also disinfects them from bacteria or any gross residue.
  5. Organizer caddy – can be displayed nicely under the sink or on top of your vanity.  Either way, it provides so much storage in an organized fashion.  A definite must-have!!
  6. Gua Sha stone – this is great especially in the mornings when your face is most puffy.  This stone helps to smooth out the skin and drain in any extra fluids reducing puffiness + improves blood circulation.  I keep mine in the fridge which makes me wake up and feels so refreshing.
  7. Facial steamer – with just a little water and a few drops of essential oil you have a spa in your home.  It steams so well and opens your pores so you can clean your pores or exfoliate your face.  I love mine and it is such a great value.
  8. LapCos Korean sheet mask – these come in a variety to choose from, Hydration, Aloe, Honey, Milk, etc…My favorite is the Escargot!  I try to focus on anti-aging products the most.  This helps to restore + repair my skin from any damage.  It leaves my skin feeling plump + so youthful – highly recommend.
  9. Hair towel wrap – this is made with 100% real cotton.  I always prefer cotton over microfiber – microfiber doesn’t really help to dry your hair in my opinion.  The cotton helps to absorb all the water and still keeps your hair frizz/damage free. Also comes in various colors.

I hope you’ll find this post useful and as always if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.  You can also follow me on Instagram and contact me via email or DM (direct message) @ninamarieblogs.  Talk to you soon👋🏼

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