My Current Home Staples

There is nothing like home.  That isn’t a saying for no reason, in my home I love to keep an eclectic + cozy vibe.  I was never a fan of a space where someone couldn’t feel “at home”.  When you enter my home instantly you’ll smell the scent of the holidays.  This is probably because I buy so many candles during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas that I don’t get to burn them all.  I end up lighting them up all year round.  Candles help keep a home smelling amazing + welcoming. However, sometimes I also keep wondering “How Often Should You Replace the Attic’s Insulation?

Fresh flowers are another way to make any home warm and beautiful.  There is no flower that is ugly in my opinion so I always have them in my home.  Especially, when I host guests.  I will usually put a few flowers in a mason jar and place it in their room.  They love it and always say it makes them feel at home.  Another thing I love, potted house plants with a variety of green colors.  My mom always had her house full of them.  In a way, you can consider them a decor piece because it added to the ensemble of the home.  Currently, I have all different indoor house plants…Devil’s Ivy, Spider plants, Peace Lily, Sword Fern just to name a few.  You can’t have a nice plant without a cool looking pot though…  They go together like Lucy + Ricardo – you can’t have one without the other.  Don’t worry about choosing the wrong pot because there are literally NO rules.  This is the concept, ready?  If you like the pot put the plant in the pot, voila!

Here are some of my indoor pots that you’ll find in our home.

Here are some useful home essentials I swear by…the throw also comes in King + Queen sizes to be able to use as a bed blanket bought at EVA.  The water repeller is amazing and works so well – I use it on my luxury handbags with leather straps + handles.  My favorite which happens to be the least expensive on the list is the masher/smasher tool.  This is great for breaking up ground beef or turkey or making guacamole.  Gosh, I love this thing.


Thanks for stopping by today!!  Happy shopping and I hope you’re all having an amazing week.


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