Under The Eye | How To Correct + Conceal Dark Circles

Concealing under the eyes sounds like it’s a simple thing to do.  With a little technique and the right products, you can achieve the perfect coverage + long-lasting results.  Some issues that many people have today are creasing, fading, choosing the right shade, dry crepey skin under the eyes.  This is not a cute look as it can make you look older + tired than you are.  I’ve experimented with a lot of products both high end and drugstore.  The common thought, “if I spend more on the products it’s a better product.”  Not true, I’ve had more luck with drugstore products my whole life.

Did you know, the manufacturer that produces brands like La Mer, GlamGlow, Smashbox, LabSeries also manufactures for Nivea, NYX Cosmetics, and Neutrogena?? 

Have you ever heard of a “dupe” product?  It’s usually used in a phrase like, “Mac Twig is a dupe for NYX B52”. “Dupe” is short for the word “duplicate.” So basically, a “makeup dupe” is a product that is similar in quality and/or shade to another product.  And usually, it’s used in a way to describe an affordable and/or drugstore product that is an alternative to a high-end (and well-known) makeup product.  There is nothing wrong with buying duplicates.  Some people will argue that even if produced under the same roof by the same manufacture, the “dupe” is more desirable.

Now that I’ve talked a little bit about high-end + drugstore products let’s get into concealing under the eyes.

#1 Moisturize the under eye area with something that isn’t too oily.  Ideally, you want the products to soak into the skin well.  You don’t want anything sitting on top of the skin as it will not allow the 0ther products to do their job.

#2 Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF included in the formula – two steps in one.  This will help smooth + give your skin an under glow.  The perfect foundation for the rest of your makeup steps.


This is the before picture. I have moisturized + added SPF.
I notice that when I add an under eye primer the concealer lasts all day without creasing.
An eyelid primer conceals any veins or discoloration and brightens the eyelids.

This has been my go-to drugstore product lately. It really does a great job of color correcting dark circles. Not to mention it is super affordable!
I like an airbrushed look when applying my makeup. I find using a beauty sponge helps achieve that result. Make sure to moisten the sponge so it is slightly damp not soaking wet.
This is one of my favorite concealers ever!! It has buildable coverage, it doesn’t look cakey, and it doesn’t crease or settle into your fine lines.
I learned this tip a while ago and it works like a charm every time. Use a makeup setting spray on your beauty sponge and blend out your concealer. This helps to give your products lasting power + sets the undereye area.
Before + After…There is a bit of a lighting difference but you can totally see how the products I used concealed and brightened up the undereye area. This result will last all day long.


If you do not have access to a good makeup setting spray you can use a finely milled translucent setting powder.  I recommend this one here and this is another good one here.

I really hope you find this pictorial helpful and as always please feel free to ask any question in the comments area.  Have a wonderful day!

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