One Piece Swimwear

In this post, I am sharing some really cute swimsuits.  First off, I think one-piece swimwear has come a long way and I have found a few that I love.  One of my favorite things,  swimwear comes in lots of colors, prints, and designs.  It doesn’t matter if you are larger in the chest area, has a longer torso, or need a little tummy control, you’ll be able to find one to fit your needs.

Swimwear for every body shape + size!

Shopping for swimwear can be overwhelming and have you leaving the store hating your body.  This is happening less and less because designers are catering to many different body types + sizes.  They are creating high-waisted bottoms that are super flattering.  Another great thing, they also have designed sexier-looking one-piece suits that anyone would want to wear.  Whereas before, one-piece swimsuits looked like something only your great-grandma would wear to the pool on Tuesdays.  You know what I mean?

What I look for in my suits…

I love prints of all kinds and colors!!  This year I was really drawn to white, orange, and bright yellow.  These colors are so flattering on so many skin tones.  It really makes it easy to style and to find a cute coverup to match.  Not only that, white makes you look tan!!  I never have time to tan myself and you won’t catch me in the sun in the backyard.  I’ve spent too much time reversing sun damage it’s just not my thing anymore.  My favorite sunless tanning mouse is this one.  When I throw on any bright-colored swimmy it brings out my tan and I love it!!  It boosts my confidence and makes me feel pretty.

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