Comfortable PJ sets for women

Pajamas are something I have always had a love for since I was a little girl.  The only difference is when I was a little girl it was all about the princess-themed PJs.  Now, I really am happy with a cute matching set or a buttery soft nighty.  There’s nothing more comfortable!!

You don’t have to splurge…

At the moment, I don’t have a particular go-to place I shop for my sleepwear.  I go everywhere, lol.  I don’t like to make a huge investment either, after all, I sleep in these pieces.  And although I love the comfort + quality I’m okay with not splurging in this area.  In my opinion, you can find amazing quality + comfort without having to spend an arm + leg.

When it comes to caring for my pajamas, I am that person who wears them once and then throws them into the hamper.  I feel that when you are sleeping a lot can happen…night sweats, drooling, sleep odors, etc…is this TMI???  I hope I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

Good places to shop…

Another reason I don’t spend too much on my pj’s, I get tired of things kind of quickly.  So I’m constantly on the hunt for the next cutest set or comfiest oversized sleep shirt.  One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon.  They have a ton of sets and for the most part, they are comfy + affordable.  A second place I love to shop is Target!!!  Recently, a brand called Stars Above has been selling out fast.  They have quickly gained the reputation of making the buttery softest pajamas ever.  I am in awe!!!



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