My Empties + Quick Reviews!!

I am sharing a basket full of beauty empties + reviewing each product in today’s post.  I love these types of videos because I always walk away with really good feedback.  If I’m on the fence about a certain product or if I’m looking for something new it helps a lot.  And there’s nothing better than getting a first-hand review from someone you trust.

I basically consider myself a skincare junkie so I’ll always include skincare!!  I learned a long time ago that medical-grade skincare was where I needed to invest my money.  I believe that is why my skin is in such good shape.  On top of facials, treatments, etc…good quality skincare plays a huge role too.

If you have a favorite skincare product can you share it with us (comments section)??


Quick reminder☝🏼 if you’re out and about in the sun use a good SPF!!  I highly recommend this one here.  This girl is off to get her nails done.  Follow my daily shenanigans in my stories over on IG here.


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