Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Its that time, where we shop till we drop and snag all the things for our fall + winter wardrobes.  With all the chaos going on in the world today, there are so many changes with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year.  One thing you’ll notice, the sale includes fewer items than previous sales.  Another thing, you are able to shop online + in-person – see below for the schedule as to when you can shop.

If you are a cardholder, you’ll be able to shop the sale a little sooner – eventually, the sale does open up to the general public.  What’s your status??? Icon?  Ambassador? Influencer?  To find out, log into your Nordstrom account and on the left of the page you’ll see, “The Nordy Club” click on that and it will take you to the page that displays your status.

It’s NOT too late to get a card to be able to shop early – apply here.

One thing to remember about this year’s Nordstrom sale, once items sell out – they usually don’t restock them.  Due to COVID, inventory is limited and shipping is also a bit delayed.  Something to keep in mind.

Below, I have made some recommendations in select categories: women, men, and accessories.  I know how overwhelming shopping the Nordy Anniversary Sale can be – my recommendations help take the guesswork out and allows you to have fun shopping instead of worrying about items selling out.  Nordstrom has also told us that they will be updating the sale items every day adding more from different brands.  This makes it even more exciting!!  Happy Shopping – you’re going to love my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 recommendations.




Thank you so much for stopping by today!!  I hope you will find the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fun + exciting + I hope you are able to snag some really great pieces for the fall season.

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