Best Purchases of the Week

Good evening y’all.  I have been getting lots of questions about these products in particular.  I thought of gathering them together in one post would be a good idea.  I also feel that this is something I should be doing on an ongoing basis possibly once a week.  Would you like that???

The mattress topper is something I actually bought to try out.  This is something that goes on top of your mattress and provides more comfort.  Todd and I bought a brand new Sterns + Foster mattress (firm) a few months back.  It is a fabulous mattress but a few weeks ago I started to have hip pain in the middle of the night.  It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t fun either.  I did a little bit of research and read that many people who have these issues add a mattress topper.  I originally bought one that was a joke it felt like a down comforter just in topper formate.  I returned that one and found this one here, which got lots of great reviews and it makes our sleep time so much more comfortable.  I no longer have hip pain.

Makeup remover towels, I was gifted a makeup remover towel from the company Makeup Eraser.  I fell in love with it and I remember thinking it was like magic.  The whole idea is you wet the towel and remove your makeup, and it works!!  It also removes waterproof mascara and that’s hard to do.  One thing I didn’t like is the price of $19.99 for one towel.  I found a pack of 5 makeup remover towels and they do exactly the same for a fraction of the cost $9.99 here.

Purple hair mask, I am starting to go lighter with my hair.  I was encouraged to do a heavy balayage and keep doing it until I get the desired look I want.  After the first lightning session, I was in love with how my hair looked, especially, when I curl it.  You can see so much dimension and I love my hair like that.  I also have gotten lots of compliments from my Instagram friends too.  The challenge is keeping it fresh and blonde.  I use lots of purple shampoos from all different brands.  I finally changed up the routine and ordered this hair mask here which has changed my world.  Not only does it lighten and brighten my balayage hair – but it also conditions and helps to reconstruct the damage.  Love it!!

Romper + Jumpsuit is everything you need in life to look great + be simple.  I love that the back jumpsuit has a straight leg which is so flattering and also comes in various colors – true to size.  The romper is the cutest and also comes in other colors + patterns.  It is also true to size and the material is breezy making it perfect for summer.  Super cute finds!!

For all my hat lovers, I totally feel ya – just to think I didn’t know how hats would change my life up until a year ago.  Shaking my head… Ever since I found my true love for hats I literally want to take at least one when I travel.  The thing is, I also love to be handsfree so when I found this clip I snagged a handful.  They are super inexpensive and work like a charm.  I would say a traveler’s best friend!!


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