Cozy Fall Pieces Under $30

Fall is right around the corner!!  I am going through my closet making real decisions on what I need to refresh + store away.  This is ultimately what I love about fashion, it changes with each season and never gets old.  What your feelings about fashion??

Tip #1: never get rid of your storage bins!

I always cycle storage bins and only store staple wardrobe pieces, jeans, shorts, sweaters, coats, jackets, boots.  The seasonal pieces that are trendy get donated or I give them away to family + friends.  It’s a system that has worked for me for years.

Tip #2: Donate items every season to keep your closet in order.

Earlier today, I finally placed my online order for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020.  There were so many pieces I wanted to snag!!  I kept strong and only bought staple pieces this time around.  As I was skimming my closet, I noticed some booties had a lot of wear + tear, and some oldies just needed to be replaced.  I can’t wait to share my haul!!  That will take place over in my Instagram stories – do you follow me yet ➡️ @ninamarieblogs.




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