Mother’s Day Gift Help 2021

May 9, 2021, is Mother’s Day, do you have your gift(s) ready to go???  Mamas are very special people in your life – if it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t be here right now.  Think about it…

I put together a simple but oh-so-worthy gift guide for anyone who is still on the hunt for special gifts.  I know work-life and other things get in the way so I thought this would be helpful.  I included gifts for all budgets and personalities.   If you are that “on top of it” person and have your gifts please share them down in the comments section below to give the rest of us ideas.  Thanks!


-She has a green thumb.

-She owned a Mexican restaurant for 10 years.

-She worked at a local high school in the baking department and learned how to make the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever.

– She never graduated, at the end of her 2nd grade school year, her parents withdrew her to work in the cotton fields to help contribute to the household.

-She stayed married to my dad for over 40 years despite her unhappiness in the marriage because she didn’t want my siblings + me to have step-parents.

-She the best mom + my best friend.



All of my mom’s gifts are in transit headed in my direction as we speak.  I would totally share but my mom is a loyal reader of my blog + wouldn’t want to spoil it ya know.  I will say that I’m that person who orders gifts, wraps them, then packages them back up to ship to the person.  I just like it to be extra special and opening up the gift is part of that.  Call me old-fashioned 🙂


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