Black + White Patio Decor Inspo

I am a lover of the look of white + black in a color scheme to decorate any space in your home.  I see it everywhere and it is so appealing to the eye.  Immediately you feel like you’re in a luxurious place and you need to have a cocktail in hand.  Do you know what I mean??

I have been playing around with ideas in my head trying to come up with something really cool for our outdoor patio (backyard).  Right now, I have splashes of black and white but I haven’t gone as far as decorating the whole thing with just black and white.  I’ve been a little hesitant because it’s something new and I don’t want it to be a boring mess #gambling.

Summer is right around the corner and we like entertaining back there.  I want a comfortable and fun space.  A spot where Todd can smoke a cigar and drink his Old Fashioned and unwind from a stressful workweek.  I also want to be able to invite my girlfriends over for lunch and feel like we’re at a lux hotel in the city.  Let’s hope the palm trees won’t throw off that vibe, lol.

black and white outdoor decor


My favorites are the plant pots and the woven swing.  I’ve always wanted some sort of swing or hammock in the backyard.  I’m definitely making this happen ASAP.  The basket liners are also a great idea for easy cleaning up especially after a long pool day with the kids.  The striped umbrella is under $100, waterproof, and reflects UVA + UVB rays so that’s extra protection from the sun.

Looks like this girl needs to get on the ball with her backyard.  I have family coming into town in June and I want them to have a really nice space to enjoy, bye 👋🏼


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