Spring Fashion 3 Ways

Spring looks are so fun and you can incorporate so much color.  If you’re anything like myself and love everything colorful this is perfect.  I also love how fashion pieces are becoming more comfortable + affordable.  Especially, if you are a person who loves to create a capsule wardrobe budget-friendly pieces are a must.

Making a few outfit changes…

Today, I’m sharing three simple looks that I literally threw together in a minute.  I just changed out the top and voila a different outfit was made.  It’s that quick + easy y’all.  I just chuckled because I always get comments that I use “y’all” a lot in my blog posts.  Well, that’s because I’m born and raised in the south, Texas.  And there’s no way I’m shaking off my southern roots y’all.

What’s popular in springtime?

You’ll definitely be seeing a few white dresses that’s for sure.  They literally can be styled up or down depending on what you’re looking for.  It’s also a light color that deflects the heat – this is important especially if you live in Florida like me.  At the moment, I have about 8 LWD’s in my closet – it’s a staple let’s just leave it at that, lol.

Some of my favorite places to shop for cute spring + summer staples…

Red Dress, is a great place to find the latest + greatest little pieces.  I definitely would size up one size when ordering unless the item is oversized already.  This will keep you from the frustration of returning or exchanging.  You’ll love their current collections!!

Pink Lily, is another great one!!  They love to keep their inventory fully stocked and when they sell out they restock quick.  Such a good thing to know especially if you really really want that item.  A go-to spot for resort wear for vacations.

The Mint Julep, is the cutest!!!  You’ll find so many fun prints + colors here.  They are also very affordable and you’ll be so happy with their shipping.  Pretty fast… You’ll find the best spring + summer staples.

Hazel and Olive, I love this place for its mixed variety of cute pieces.  Another one that’s great for resort wear or weekend events if you need something adorable but cool.



I hope you are having an incredible week so far…I’m going to get some things for Todd’s birthday and then I need to get to wrapping them up before he gets home from Ashville.  Let’s hope he likes his gifts.



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