I Updated my office!

I updated my office!!  Gosh, what a difference a fresh coat of paint + some rearranging can do!  Let’s not forget the deep cleaning + organizing I did to get it into a good workflow space.  The funny thing is, I didn’t think it needed it until I started taking things apart + moving things around.

I wanted to update my office to look more bright + inviting.  As it stood, it had a red-toned faux brick wall that we hung on the wall with the window.  This was done when Jasmine was still in high school and she wanted a lofty + city feel to her room.  It worked great and she was so happy with it.  Since she started college at Penn State she has switched to a room down the hall.  I liked the size of her room so I really wanted it for my office.  I also loved the big window and the greenery you would see when looking out.

I have included two photos where you can sort of see the faux brick wall below.

The wall color I chose is called Marshmallow Whip by Behr, satin finish. At first, I wanted to paint everything white.  Then, I changed my mind to a white-toned color which I feel Marshmallow Whip gives me the best of both worlds.  At night it does change to look more like a blush tone which I love.  When I am in my office in the evenings it gives me the coziest vibes and I sometimes don’t want to leave.  This could be a problem or the BEST financial decision ever.

I also moved the furniture around and I love the new placement.  It seems that no matter what and where you place the mirror there’s just not enough light.  There are shadows but maybe you don’t notice and it’s just me being overly critical, 👋🏼  I’m a Virgo.

To fix the lighting situation for the days I really need it (gloomy rainy season in FL, summer…ugh), I added two clamp lights and bought LED light bulbs (yay no heat) in daylight.  I have to admit it does get pretty bright but it does a fabulous job of canceling out the shadows and makes you look good in photos + videos.  Annnd on those super gloomy dark days, it’s perfect!



If you want to see how I created my DIY Hat Wall you can read that here.

I hope you like my updated office – if you’re on the fence about re-doing yours just do it.  You don’t have to spend an arm + leg – with a fresh coat of paint and some furniture swapping it will look + feel so different.  You may have pieces laying around the house you can switch out for a quick refresh…something to think about 💡



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