Cute Spring Dresses You Need Now

On a day-to-day basis, my closet is filled with neutrals, but when spring comes around I like to fill up my closet with colorful and fun pieces to style. I also end up carrying this over to the summer season as well.  I’m not much of a floral person either but lately as I’ve been shopping online I’m seeing more and more floral patterns that I am loving. All I can imagine in my mind is how fun it’s going to be to style all of these outfits for the spring and summer seasons.  Today, I am sharing three dresses that are must-haves! They are affordable so they will not break the bank, are adorable, and have a feminine touch about them. I also like how they are true to size so there’s no sizing up or sizing down you can just order your normal size. They are also light and airy so if you live in a warmer climate there are no worries of overheating, sweating, etc…

A casual Boho dress with a puff sleeve and a ruffle hem is adorable for spring.  You can throw on a sandal heel or cute flip-flops and you’re out the door.  The material is super thin without being see-through and the length is perfect for petite women, I’m 5’3″ for reference.

A floral print mini dress comes in handy in hot temperatures and you want to look cute.  I love how you can tie this dress in the back so the sleeves will stay put on the shoulders.  It also comes in various colors and the length is so fun not too short.  I paired a sandal heel to give my legs length and it tricks the eye into believing that I’m taller than I am.  I’m definitely going to wear this any chance I get.

A white dress with an eyelet pattern is a must-have for both spring + summer seasons.  How cute is an eyelet pattern?  Here I paired it with some lux sandals to elevate the feel + look of the dress.  Along with the ruffle hem + puff sleeve detail, I just can’t get enough of this dress.  Can’t wait to get the opportunity to wear it out.  You may want to snag one for that special woman in your life too as it is only $21.


I have gotta run to try to catch a yoga class with a few friends.  I’ve been doing more workouts that stretch me out and keep me flexible.  It’s been life-changing.


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