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Call me a wino if you wish, but I love wine!!  It is so much better and more classy drinking out of a wine glass than a beer bottle, in my opinion.  Hope I didn’t offend anyone.  Don’t get me wrong, If I were in the Dominican Republic on a beach trust me I’d have an ice-cold beer in hand with a few limes.  So refreshing, but on a more regular basis wine is my jam.

I was at Total Wines the other day just browsing around and they had so many wine tastings.  It was fun just going to each one and tasting different wines from all over the country.  I also love learning about the region the wine comes from I don’t know why that is so interesting to me.  And no I didn’t get drunk, the 1 oz is barely enough to wet your palate much less get you two sheets to the wind.

As much as I enjoy a nice glass of cabernet from time to time, I am a tried + true chardonnay girl.  I always ask for a buttery/oaky chardonnay – preferably from a bottle that hasn’t been open for days.  Weirdly, I can totally tell if a bottle of wine has been open way too long.  Maybe I’m a wine connoisseur after all.

I tell Todd every time we go on a date, wine tastes better at fancy restaurants like The Capital Grille, Ruth Chris Steak House, or Vic and Anthony’s.  He thinks it’s all in my head.  I just think I know what tastes good, LOL🤩


Don’t stress over the age of the wine.

While it’s a common perception that older is better when it comes to wine, this is not the case. Only some wines taste better with age, and different wines are best after different aging periods. Properly aging wine depends on many factors, including the region the wine is from and the amounts of tannins, sugars, and acids it contains. In general, aging is more important for red wines than white wines, but any wine you purchase at the store will be ready to drink. In fact, most wines are not meant to be aged, and you should consume them within five years of purchasing them. However, if there’s ever a time to take a close look at the year on the bottle, it’s for red wines. If you’re looking for how to choose a good red wine and find yourself stuck between two different years of a variety, you may want to opt for the older.

Don’t let price dictate your choice.

If the wine is on sale, it is likely because it is not in season or it has been sitting in the store’s inventory for a while. These reasons do not mean the wine is of lower quality or won’t still taste great if it is a type of wine you enjoy. These discounts can even be a great opportunity to find a good deal on wine. Choosing an expensive wine for its price point may also lead you astray — a more expensive bottle of wine does not always mean it is going to be a better bottle of wine. When selecting the wine you want to buy, start with the flavors and characteristics you prefer, as well as the occasion, then allow price to be a secondary consideration.

Don’t write off bottles with screw caps.

While wine bottles with screw caps can get a bad reputation, they can still hold delicious wine. These caps are for bottles of wine to be consumed in the same year — due to freshness and acidity. So, if you are interested in wine without a cork, don’t be afraid to take a sip. Screw caps can also be more convenient for occasions such as a picnic, where you might forget to bring a wine opener and are easier to pack up and take home after an evening out.

Are you pairing with a meal?

If you want to find a wine that complements your carefully crafted dinner, the general rule of thumb is white wines for lighter dishes, like chicken and fish, and red wines for heavier dishes, like beef and lamb. Google for more specific ways to pick the perfect wine for your meal.

Listing my favorites in order, #1 being the best!!

the best chardonnay wines

  1. Butternut Chardonnay, $11.97 | 2. Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay, $20.97 | 3. Clos du Bois Chardonnay, $15.99 | 4. Jordan Chardonnay, $37.99 | 5. Estancia Chardonnay, $12.99

popular cabernet sauvignon wines

  1. Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrels, $14.99 | 2. Josh Cabernet, $16.99 | 3. Decoy Cab, $19.99 | 4. Chateau Ste. Michelle Cab, $14.99 | 5. J. Lohr Cab, $15.99

*Make sure the labels look identical as my picture is showing.  There are a few cabs/chards of the same brands so be mindful you are selecting the correct one☝🏼. If you have tried any of these wines leave your thoughts or recommendations in the comments area below.



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