Holiday Gift Guide: for Teens

The other day I ran a poll on my Instagram stories on what gift guide you would like me to do next.  It was between a Hostess + Teens guide.  From the title of this post, you already know which one won.

I totally get it!  Between Todd and myself, we have four teenagers and three of them are the exact age for six months out of the year.  Right now, we have three fifteen-year-old teenagers,  can you imagine that?  Each teen has a totally different personality, one is demanding and knows what she wants, the other thinks we’re mind readers, and Matthew keeps to himself but loves annoying everyone who interrupts his video gaming.  It’s almost like having triplets when they are all together.  I wish we were altogether more often throughout the year but you know what they say, “God only gives you what you can handle.”  Need I say more??

When I sat down with my teenagers and their friends I got so many great ideas for this gift guide.  There are some that I wouldn’t have ever thought of – I’m glad I called reinforcements.  I have to say I really enjoyed this little brainstorm sesh.  It was so funny hearing them banter back and forth and them making jokes about boys receiving a “skincare fridge” as a holiday gift.  I quickly reminded them of their Uncle Tony who was so into his skincare routine growing up.  I guess most of us want nice skin.  Yes?

Moving on…

I wanted this gift guide to be something that wasn’t obvious like, a PlayStation or iPhone.  We tried to think outside the box without being too dramatic or too crazy on the idea + price.  Everything, for the most part, is affordable and with the parent or buyer in mind.  We came up with over ten gift items of which some are unisex.











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