Styling Animal Print 3 Ways + Tips

Has anyone watched Tiger King?  Sadly, that show did nothing for me.  I pinpointed a few reasons why it didn’t hold my attention for long; 1.) Animal cruelty, 2.) I felt there were shady things going on, 3.) Carol needed a day job other than the tiger/animal farm she was really annoying.

Some people share my same feelings about the show to the point where they are clearing their closets from any animal prints.  I have had the thought myself but I love animal prints so much – I consider it a basic.  That is why I thought today was a perfect day to show you three ways I style animal print in my daily outfit of the day – #ootd.  This is a great idea, especially, if you are going on a trip.  It will minimize the items in your suitcase and it gives you options.

Tip #1: Pair an animal print with a neutral item of clothing, in this picture I have paired it with distressed jeans.  It’s the perfect casual look!


Tip #2: Balance out animal prints with a solid base or top.  Also, wear animal prints in their true colors.  This will give an all-around cohesive style.


Tip #3: Mix a pattern with animal print through a handbag or a belt.  This will help give your look movement + interest.

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Happy styling your animal prints!  Please feel free to tag me on Instagram if you recreate these looks or create your own.  I always love seeing what you come up with.



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