The Best Leggings Ever

If you are into leggings this post is for you!!  I am always wearing leggings around the house, running errands, or working out.  They are an amazing way to add comfort, sustainability, and support into your daily life.  I have ventured into buying many types + brands of leggings in my lifetime.  It is so apparent that there are many brands that like to pass off as the next best legging brand.  As a consumer, we all have to watch out for these scenarios.  I always have to remind myself that just because it is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean its better or the best.  If you like to budget your money and look for deals on clothing doesn’t make you a cheapskate either.  I often would think this of myself – when my friends would by expensive clothing and I would shop at places like TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack.  Trust me a lot has changed and I am actually so proud of myself when I find a sale or don’t pay retail for anything on the market.  By the way, you should never pay retail on anything.  I also advise you that you should never buy anything that you fall in love with right away.  I usually wait a week or so and if I’m still thinking about it then I go ahead and make the purchase.  The fact that I’m still thinking about it must mean it should be in my life, right??  Just a couple of tips when you are out and about shopping along by yourself or with others.

Here are my top favorite leggings that I’ve actually showcased on my Instagram account.  If you’re not following me there you should – I share a lot of fashion + lifestyle inspiration over there.  Go follow me here.


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