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In today’s society, it’s so hard to choose the perfect swimsuit.  I do not like shopping for swimsuits.  We tend to lean on our daughters, nieces, or even younger sisters for advice in that category.  But if you think about it, that’s not a really good idea for many reasons, one being they aren’t in your same age bracket.  That’s a huge reason!!!

Maybe it would better to ask a friend what she/he thinks of the latest swimwear trends or what she/he might think will suit your body type.  In my opinion, body type has a lot to do with which bathing suit you’ll end up choosing.  If you go with one that best suits your body most likely you’ll feel confident, secure, and on top of the world.  You’ll probably not want to take it off, right???  Well, all of those things are something you are going to want to achieve with ALL of your swimsuits, not just one.

There are so many times when we go on vacation to a beach somewhere far away and see women in swimsuits that just don’t look very good.  “Do they know this but still decide to wear it anyway??”  Not to be hasty or mean about it and to be honest I want to believe this has happened to me before…  There was one summer where I bought a Brazillian bikini bottom in like every color and I looked horrible in it.  What made me think it was a good idea to walk around in an almost thong like bikini bottom???  Apparently, I did…

Let’s be clear: just because you’re no longer a teenager doesn’t mean you’re necessarily searching for a modest full-coverage swimsuit—and certainly not a boring one. And it doesn’t mean you want to disappear on the beach or at the pool when you get away for that well-deserved vacation under the sun!

My biggest struggle while swimsuit shopping, trying not to look like my teenage daughters + finding swimwear that doesn’t give me cameltoe.  

These are some of my favorites brands of which also carry plus sizes + cater to larger busted women.

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