My Beach Bag Essentials!!

Hey guys!!  I am sharing some of my beach bag essentials today in this post!!  I hope you find it helpful as we maneuver our way into beach seasons, Spring + Summer.  Yay!!

I don’t know about you but every time I go to the pool or the beach I’m always curious what others pack in their bags.  It seems like everyone else has the perfect beach bag with all the essentials.  I on the other hand always forget things and then I’m kicking myself later because of it.

One day I ended up making a checklist of everything I would forget and it ended up making a beach/pool bag list!!  Along the way, I also discovered some beach items I love and think you should have in your bag too.  These are no-brainer types of things but if you don’t have them it makes life a lot less fun hanging out by the pool or at the beach.  Trust me, I’ve been there!!

#1 Beach Bag

This beach bag is packable and comes in several colors.  I also love how it’s a mesh material so if you wanted to give it a quick rinse it will dry fast.  The pockets also give you all the organization you need for all of your pool or beach essentials.  Mesh Beach Bag, $22.

#2 Face + Body Sunscreen

Sunscreen for your body + face is so important.  Those areas will still get sun but it’s the amount of sun you want to control.  If you don’t use anything to protect your skin from the UVA/UVB rays your skin will age really fast.  It could also cause hyperpigmentation or melasma issues down the road.  Mineral sunscreen is recommended as it won’t irritate sensitive skin + provides full protection against the full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation.  It’s also nice to have a soothing spray in your beach bag as it helps to keep you cool as well as after-sun care.  Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen, $34. Alba Hawaiian Sunscreen, $10. Sun Bum Cool Down, $12.

#3 Hair Oil

Hair oil is fabulous to spray on your hair right before you enter the water or just laying in the sun.  The heat will help penetrate the oil into your hair and treat the follicle.  This helps maintain your hair healthy and also protects it from sun damage.  Ouai Hair Oil, $28.

#4 Lightweight Beach Towel

I highly recommend a Turkish beach towel.  They are so nice!!  It won’t take up too much room in your bag, it’s pretty thin, and it comes in so many beautiful colors + designs.  But most importantly, it won’t break the budget.  Nova Blue Turkish Beach Towel, $24.

#5 Packable Hat

I have this hat and it is pretty darn awesome!!  You can literally beat it to death and it will still come back alive, lol.  No, but really, it will gain its shape even after a long journey to whatever coast you plan to visit.  And you definitely want all the protection you can get if you don’t want those fine lines to start creeping up on you.  Sun Lily Roll n Go Sun Hat, $16.

#5 Waterproof Battery Bank, Waterproof Bags, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Insulated Water Bottle

These are all must-haves in your beach bag.  The waterproof bags are perfect for wet stuff like swimsuits, phones, food, etc… The speaker is for good music while hanging out trying to entertain yourself!!  It never fails, phones don’t last that long so having an extra battery is a great idea.  And of course, it helps to stay hydrated so to keep any beverage of choice chilled for hours I recommend an insulated canteen.


#6 Coverup, Inexpensive Sunglasses, Lip Balm SPF, Healthy Snack


The inexpensive sunnies are a total must!!  There are so many times where I have taken my designer sunnies to the beach and they get destroyed or lost.  I get too upset and it changes the vibe of the trip.  A more affordable pair that cost $10 will be more acceptable to lose than a pair that cost $300.  A coverup is so necessary for those trips to the bathroom or if it gets a little windy it is good to have to throw on.  A lot of places also require you to cover up before entering.  This one is cuter in person but I had to share it because it is super affordable and it also comes in a ton of colors.  And you can’t leave out healthy snacks because when your out in the water it makes you hungry.  The last thing you want is junk especially if you’re working on your fitness.  A nuts blend is perfect as it already comes in a waterproof bag and it’s easy to pack.


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