Effortless Makeup Essentials

Every day I like to put myself together and go to work.  I work from home and you would think I would get straight into it wearing my jammies.  No not me!!  I can’t get started on anything until my space is tidy + I put on a fresh face and a cute outfit.  It doesn’t have to be fancy but I like feeling like I can easily run out the door if I need to.  Sh-t happens and you just never know.

Routine is good for my mental health!

Every morning I make my bed, take a quick rinse…I always wash my face before I jump into the shower.  I wash my hair every other day so this keeps my hair dry.  When it gets wet it makes my whole routine longer and I dread that so much – as it stands now, there’s not enough time in the day.

Make it simple + natural!

When it comes to putting on a fresh face I really love a natural everyday look.  We’re talking no more than 5 minutes on the whole process. Cakey makeup is not my favorite, especially, with Florida heat.  One thing that helps keep my makeup fresh looking and long-wearing all day long, primer + setting spray.  In most cases, I can do a whole Chloe Ting workout and my makeup will not budge.  Pretty impressive, yes?  If you are not on this bandwagon yet get on it.  I recommend these setting sprays here and this one here.  I really love this face primer here and if you want to splurge on a really amazing one here’s this one.  They are all so good!!

Expensive doesn’t mean better!

On Instagram earlier today, I posted a short 30-second reel on my makeup look.  I got lots of questions about the products I used so I’m using this post to leave all the details.  I use both high-end and drugstore makeup – I never discriminate.  There are so many drugstore brands that perform well.  Trust me I’ve had my fair share of high-end makeup returns because they didn’t live up to the hype.  If you have ever visited Instagram or Youtube you know how influential people can be #imguilty. I’ve learned having an open mind is key.  So just because a product is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better.


I’ve been doing this trick where I mix an SPF with a face primer and it’s literally a game-changer!  Typically, if I apply the SPF alone and then apply the primer it doesn’t work out.  But for some reason, I just love the result of mixing both together.

A loose setting powder is perfect for setting the face + under the eyes.  You can’t do this with any setting powder – I find that translucent powders work the best to use all over the face.  Some loose powders have pigment and can really throw off the under-eye area making it look dirty almost.  The under-eye area is meant to be bright and awake-looking.

This lip color is a pretty pinkish nude which is my favorite.  I don’t mind a peachy nude either.  With my skin tone, it works well.  I love this one pictured above as it’s creamy + smells like vanilla.  You know how much I love my vanilla scents.

Concealer is one thing that I always struggle to find the perfect one.  I look for full coverage without being cakey, can’t crease + settle into my fine lines, long-wearing.  Now that I’m typing that out it doesn’t seem like too much to ask for, right?  Well, it’s a lot harder than you think – so when I find one I’m sharing it.

one tip I learned now that I’m in my 40’s, cream products are your best friend.  They give you a nice glow without looking like you overdid it.  It’s nice that cream makeup is buildable and doesn’t crease or age you.  Applying too much powder can actually make you look a lot older than you are if you’re not light-handed.


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