The Cutest Basic Ruffled Shirt

I have a thing for ruffled details.  If it’s on a shirt, skirt, placemat, or basically anything I’m more than likely buying it.  And I’m so lucky that it’s a trend that is still in full swing today.  When you add a ruffle detail it makes everything so much cuter + prettier.

I also consider any white T-shirt a basic which is an important staple to have in your closet.  This explains why I have so many in my closet as we speak.  I have some in the same style (backups), and some v-neck, scoop neck, cropped, tunic (for leggings), you get the point.  I also like having many white T’s to choose from because options are a good thing to have, amiright??  They also get dingy so fast you have to be ready to donate or toss them out.

I have styled this white T-shirt with the cutest ruffle that I found late at night while shopping online.  I swear I always find the best pieces when I’m shopping late.  I would hate to see what happens when you add a few margaritas???


My favorite outfits are the ones that are simple + casual.  I also love a good bargain!!  So when you can pair these things together and feel + look your best you’re always winning.  And remember, fashion doesn’t have to break the bank…and never feel guilty if you take inspiration from someone and give it your own twist.

This girl has to go for her 3-mile walk now…if you have any questions at all leave them in the comments below:))

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