Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale – My Picks

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale is going on right now and I try to shop it every time.  You can find lots of great deals on some of your favorite items.  They throw in stuff for your home, clothing for men + women + kids, designer items, jewelry, and shoes.  This is a sale you really have to jump on quick – before you know it everything is sold out and you are out of luck.  Who really wants to pay full price for anything?  Most things are up to 40% off….whaaat???  I thought I’d take advantage and share some of the things I’ve had my eye on and finally bought it on SALE!!  As you can imagine, my heart is happy.

My strategy:  I hunt for high dollar/designer items on sale – stuff I’ve had my eye on (ex: Tory Burch Miller Sandals).  Don’t waste your time on buying the items that are already affordable.

If you end up liking any of these items you must R-U-N-N-N because I’ve already had some of these things snagged from my cart a few times. Waiting is no fun!!  The sale ENDS on June 2, 2019!!!


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