5 Skincare Products You Need Now

Hello friends.  In this post, I wanted to talk to you a little about skin care.  I am very passionate about skin care and have been since the early age of fifteen.  Skin care for me is important because I am going to turn forty in a few months and I am fighting against the signs of aging.   I will admit to getting Botox every 4-6 months in the following areas: crows feet, forehead, and in between the eyebrows.  This has helped a lot but it hasn’t stopped the aging process completely.

I drink tons of water and I also get a facial at least once a month and a chemical peel or laser treatment once every 6 months.  This does help to stimulate collagen and diffuse the fine lines on my face. I don’t look forward to getting chemical peels or laser treatments.  There is usually a few days of downtime and I feel ugly during that period.  However, I do love the results and it is one of those things where the results get better with time.

You are probably thinking I spend lots of money on skincare + treatments.  I don’t look at it like that, in fact, I look at it as an investment.  I am investing in my skin for the future.  The truth is whatever you do now you’ll reap the benefits later on in life.  Isn’t this true with just about anything though??  Financial planning…Working out…Living a healthy lifestyle, etc…

I thought today’s post was perfect for introducing you to five amazing skincare products.  I have used them for years now but do think it is important to alternate skincare so you can get the best results.  I still find myself going back to these over and over again because I do love how they work for my skin.

A brief description of what I look for in my skin care products.

Cleanser: I love my skin to feel fresh + clean.  Not stripped of my natural oils or dry + tight afterward, added points if it removes makeup too. After cleansing my skin, I apply viviane woodard moisturizer which will also help in keeping it hydrated.

Exfoliator: A coarse granule that doesn’t quickly dissolve with water.

Eye mask: A product that depuffs + hydrates.  I am obsessed with applying an eye mask and then going in with a good concealer.  This makes the under eye area look flawless!

Sheet face mask: I use a sheet mask before any big event or night out with Todd or my girlfriends.  The one I am recommending leaves my skin glowing and plump.  It also diffuses the fine lines and you can also apply the remaining serum on your chest.  It is travel-friendly.

Serums: A good serum is always essential in your skincare routine.  A serum for brightening + tightening is a must have.  You can also use just a serum if you want to pack light.  For example, your skin care routine will be: cleanse, serum (bringing it up to under the eye area), moisturize.  Great for a 3 day weekend – simple!


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