Spring Closet Staples 2021

I received an email last week asking me what my top ten closet staples were. The email made me think – then it made me think that would be a great idea for a post!

I don’t keep a capsule wardrobe formally, (which is another question I’ve been asked) but my style is very much mix-and-match by default. If I could describe my style, I would say it’s relatively simple, casual, and timeless, with some trends mixed in.

So, when it comes to my top ten closet staples for spring, I looked into what I wear the most and what items I use as a base to build my outfits upon.  This is what I came up with and I think you are going to find it helpful…

Denim jacket

Everyone has to have a denim jacket in their closet and hopefully in multiple colors.  Just kidding, only if you’re a veteran fashionista will you have more than one color denim jacket.  As long as you have one you are okay.


Button up shirt

One of my favorite button-ups is a chambray shirt.  It is usually soft like butter and the material is so light and breathable it really is a great transitional piece from winter to spring.  It’s made to look a lot like denim so you can only imagine it goes with literally everything in your closet.  A great piece to have for sure!


Cute Sandal

For me, I always get two pairs…typically a wedge and a flat strappy sandal.  This year I opted for a clear wedge heel and a leather option that is comfy and looks great with all. my springtime pieces.


White Jeans or Jeggings

I wear white jeans all year round basically.  It is a closet staple for me for all seasons.  It really does a good job at making any look cleaner + vibrant + fun.  You can definitely have some fun with white jeans/jeggings.  When paired with statement earrings it takes it up another few notches.  Another tip, if you are 5’3″ or shorter you will love the petite length like I do!


White tee

A white t-shirt can be styled in so many ways.  Back in the day a white tee was considered boring and something you wouldn’t leave the house wearing.  Now, you’ll see so many people wearing a plain white t-shirt just about anywhere you go.  A few examples, you can throw it over a swimsuit, you can wear it under a blazer, or how about with faux leather leggings and a cardigan??  So many variations to go with…


Spring dresses

Spring dresses are a lot of fun and can bring in color + whimsy.  Some people think they need a whole closet full of spring dresses.  In reality, 3 or 5 dresses can be dressed up or down and in many different ways.  This is definitely where the denim jacket comes into play or a chambray shirt.


Spring Handbag

I love adding a cute handbag to any outfit.  I feel it makes it fun and unique!!  When a woman switches from bag to bag it’s only because we want to accent the outfit to take to the next level.  It can be another way to bring in color too!!  I usually choose one or two bags small to medium for my spring wardrobe.  I make sure to get something that is adorable but also versatile.  You want to make accessorizing a stress-free and grab n go situation…


Statement earrings

Statement earrings are a must-have!!!  The rule of thumb is three pairs of the following: multi-color tassel, white or ivory, and bright colors like turquoise or yellow.  This will get you through the season and you’ll be able to find something in your closet to go with them too!!  This is what makes me stand out when it comes to my blogging photos, colorful statement earrings.



Rompers are so ideal in the spring because they are easy + lightweight to wear, especically in hot climates like Florida.  It is also a very affordable piece and you can find them in every store you walk into.  Always a great choice!!



I don’t know the weather situation where you live but here in Florida it gets hot.  As early as spring you can already bet that the temperatures are in the 80’s with high humidity.  So you can only imagine that shorts is how we keep ourselves cool, lol.  100% of the time I always have a handful of shorts that I can alternate and that fit well too.


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