My Favorite Pieces from Skims

Bodysuits have come a long way, in the past, they were something that looked good but so uncomfortable.  Now, I have found a brand that I am in awe of and you will be too.  The brand is called, SKIMS created by Kim Kardashian.  I know that Kim has gotten a lot of backlash for her scandalous video and perhaps people think her family didn’t deserve a show on the E Network.  To be honest, I like Kim and I do admire her business + fashion sense.  We all want success for ourselves and each of us goes about obtaining it in our own ways.

A few million dollars later, SKIMS was created and is retailed at a price point fair to all economic backgrounds – starting at $28.  I would say that they are pretty competitive with SPANX although I think I like SKIMS a little bit more.  So far I’m their biggest fan of the Soft Lounge Tank, $42!!  My go-to is the Cami Thong Bodysuit, $58 which I love pairing with blazers + cardigans.  They are so buttery soft and make a great staple in anyone’s closet.

To answer a question that was on repeat in my DM’s, no, the thong bodysuit will not feel like you have a wedgie all day long.  I promise you!  Since my very first purchase of SKIMS bodysuits, I’ve ordered four more in a variety of colors + styles.  This brings me to another good point…the color selection is so amazing, especially if you have a thing for a neutral closet palette – I do☝🏼


The hat in the photo below is from this online boutique here.

Skims Cami Thong BodysuitSkims Square Neck Thong Bodysuit Skims Soft Lounge Tank Skims Soft Lounge Tank



So far everything I ordered is true to size (TTS) and the material is very supportive with just enough stretch.  At this point, I can’t really find anything negative to say.  My next order will include the shapewear as I do have a few events planned where that will be essential, lol.  That is going to have to wait for another blog post though I hope you don’t mind too much.

Well, this girl has to go on a 3 mile run so I am going to leave you with this positive quote below…

“Believe in yourself, and you’ll be unstoppable.” ~ UNKNOWN

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