How to fix Frizzy Hair!!

I didn’t have to deal with frizzy hair until my adulthood.  Maybe its because I when I was younger it didn’t phase me or I didn’t pay much attention.  Who knows…All I know now, living in Florida where the humidity is always high and I’m constantly worrying about my hairstyle is not fun at all.

Hair goals…

My hair is cut in long layers so that when I feel like tousle curling it I can.  I love styling my hair with curls because it creates volume and it also allows me to extend my washing days.  Of course, I have to spray tons of texture + dry shampoo but I’m okay with that.  Lately, it’s a struggle with so much humidity it causes my hair to fall and it gets flat.  Not my goal.

What I have found that works well…

Some products that have been helping me along have worked out fabulous.  They really do a good j0b at keeping the curls/waves in place and my volume seems to stay longer than usual.  Which makes me happy because this is my goal, to keep my style going as long as possible.

I promise I don’t Ignore your DM’s…

I had a few DM’s on how I style my hair over the last few weeks so I thought this would be time to share.  As it stands now in Florida, our humidity doesn’t go away until late November maybe early December .  So, I can only imagine its the same in many other places around the country #globalwarming.  What I find is that there is no real fix to frizzy hair.  The real key to frizzy hair is to tame it as best as you can.  This means you have to keep it moisturized, healthy, and use products for your specific concerns like frizz.  When I do all of these things my hair is so manageable and the frizz is almost non-existent.  So I’m confident that if you incorporate these products you might be just as happy as me.  Good luck!


Kerastase Anti Frizz Spray, $39 is an easy way to fight frizz and get a smooth healthy looking blow out.  You only need a few sprays on damp hair and style as normal or allow to air dry.  With this product I prefer to blow dry to get the style I am looking for on the daily.

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Cream, $24 is applied on damp hair and it also helps to calm down frizz + protect the hair from heat damage.  It smells amazing and a little bit will go a long way.  If you add too much to the hair it will make it look oily so finding a balance is key.  Once you do you’ll not want to be without it, I promise.

Living Proof Humidity Shield, $25 is going to be your secret weapon!  You spray this on dry hair once your hair has been styled to completion.  This product basically puts a protective barrier around your hair that will not allow humidity to enter.  So no matter how humid it is where ever you are on the globe your style will last all day long.

Virtue Un-Frizz Cream, $20 is a lot like Briogeo Farewell from all aspects especially the price point.  Both are really great!  I love a variety in case something gets discontinued or is sold out – it’s always a good idea to have a back up plan.

WOW Dream Coat Anti Frizz Treatment, $28 is just like its name, WOW.  This is a product you spray on damp hair – preferably right out of the shower type of thing.  This literally puts a barrier over each strand of hair which allows your hair to dry quickly + makes it shine.  They recommend you spray this onto your hair once every 4 shampoos.  Once you try this you will fall in love!!

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