How to Make your Bed Luxurious on a Budget

Every time I stay in nice hotels the bed is what I mostly look forward to!!  It never fails, I always get such good sleep and I wake up refreshed to start the day the next morning.  For a really long time, I wasn’t much into making my own bed into the hotel bed experience until about a year ago.  The thought had never run through my mind that if I tried I could possibly have the same bed feelings only for my own bed in my home.  Genius!

I did some research and looked at a lot of pictures only to realize it isn’t rocket science.  So it’s nothing to be overwhelmed by or scared to do by any means.  You basically need the right tools to do the job, that’s it.  

All in all, to break it down there are only three main things to remember.


What kind of sheets do I buy?

This is a question I had too!!  When it comes to buying sheets it really is trial + error.  I want the comfort, the quality and I absolutely don’t want them to be see-thru.  Do you know what I mean???  I found them after so many sets that I bought I found that it’s not always the price or the thread count that matters.  I know in the society that we live in they want you to believe that just because the thread count is higher the better the sheets.  Technically, that may be true but in my experience, it has been a total flop.  I have spent up to $600 on a higher thread count sheet set and was so disappointed that I got a refund.  With the sheet set I’m recommending today I invested, $38 (king).

Is a duvet necessary to make a bed luxurious?

In my opinion, the answer is no.  I have had my time using duvets from all different price points and colors.  They are very nice and can look really good on a bed.  The reason I personally don’t use on is the hassle.  At first, they start out looking clean + crisp and all put together but then they can start looking messy.  When I think of luxury, messy doesn’t come in anywhere in the mix.  I go for clean, crisp, tidy, and neat when it comes to anything in my home.  This goes for my bed too!  My life is already so hectic as it is with a full schedule – this girl doesn’t have time for messing around with a duvet cover.  I know a lot of you who read my blog are busy entrepreneurs, moms on the go, and need to be able to hit the ground running when that alarm goes off.  Amiright???

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How can I get pillows that will hold up longer than 3 months?

Pillows have always been a tricky scenario for me.  I wasn’t sure if I liked the soft, medium, or firm ones.  I realized after trying them all that I’m a soft – medium type of girl.  The thing is I wanted the comfort of the soft – medium pillow but needed them to look good when the bed was made for the day.  In other words, the pillows needed to be sturdy and made well.  I love the pillows I have now because you can fluff them up and it’s like they are back to normal (not slept on).  Because they can gain their shape back it makes a good representation when the bed is all made and looking pretty.  Pillows are important!

I hope you have found this post helpful – I also filmed a video that actually shows you how I make my bed.  Before I go, I wanted to add a few extra tips for you…

More tips…

  1. On a fitted sheet, find the corner with the tag, that goes on the top right corner of the bed.  Now, you’ll never be confused as to what corner goes where.
  2. King size pillow is more appealing to the eye with King + Queen beds.
  3. Dry clean your bedding at least once a month – this helps them last longer and keeps them smelling fresh.
  4. White linens + bedding looks cleaner and they are easily bleached if they get stained.
  5. If you get hot under all of those heavy comforters/bedding use a cooling mattress pad – this one really works well!!
  6. I use this to clean all of my linens, silks, and delicates it is amazing.

Mattresses I recommend

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Watch the video version!!

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