Gift Guide for Your Pets

Nittany is my almost 8-year-old Schnoodle dog.  She is my best friend and my whole world really.  Naturally, I will want to create a gift guide for your pets.  They are family and they deserve to get spoiled a holiday long.

Every year we have a must list for Nittany, for example, her favorite treats, some bully sticks, and a lamb toy.  Do you have a specific must-have list for your pet?  This year I definitely want to get her some more up-to-date sweaters + a jacket.  This isn’t part of the gift guide but do you change out your pet’s food + water bowls to go with the holiday decor???  I do!  They are the same ones we have used for the last few years.  Of course, we throw them into the dishwasher to disinfect them before storing them away.

Check out some pet holiday decor I found!!

gifts guide for pets





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