Gift Guide for Young Adults

I consider a young adult being anywhere between the ages of 16-20.  This age group is sort of tough because they either have expensive taste or never tell you exactly what they want.  What we usually do every year, we ask them to make a list of a handful of items in priority.  The top item is an absolutely I want this type of thing and the last is meh I won’t be too upset if I don’t get it.  This helps us out so much but I do understand not all families do this.

The holidays are different for every family.  I have tons of friends who buy gifts for their kids and it’s a total surprise.  This is a fabulous tradition and goes so well with the excitement of Christmas.  Other families draw names and buy the person they drew a gift.  Economically speaking this is genius and, to be honest, I want to try this one year.  We are the family that has our kids make lists.

We curated a gift guide tailored specifically to young adults.  I did call in reinforcements to help out and give me ideas.  This is what we came up with, happy shopping!

gift guide for young adults 2021


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