Perfect Daily #OOTD | Fall Inspo

Fall is here and I love everything about this season. What’s not to love??  The weather gets cooler, the leaves change color, cold brew tastes so good, and fashion is so much more fun.  My favorite fall drink at the moment is the Pumpkin Cold Brew.  It’s delicious and only 75 calories, I have a blog post all about Starbucks drinks under 100 calories right here.

When it comes to online shopping I am addicted – not sure I should be telling you this.  I just think it’s so much easier to browse pages and go at your own pace without the hassle of salespeople or having to try things on in-store.  Nothing against salespeople as I understand they are there to do their job, but sometimes I just want to keep to myself and shop.  As for trying on clothes, I have never been that person to try things on.  It is usually hot in the dressing rooms and the mirrors are not the best and the lighting is not flattering at all.  How did this become a rant session??

It is way better to shop online…there are many stores that make online returns so simple that they go the extra step to include a return label.  I return + exchange things all the time!!  Two retail options off the top of my head are Nordstrom + Amazon.   This convenience makes the whole shopping experience fun + worry-free.  Not to mention, it feels like Christmas each time you receive like a ton of packages at your doorstep.





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