Wednesday #OOTD | Casual Chic Sweater Dresses

I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately getting my wardrobe ready for the fall.  Todd + I have planned some quick trips in the near future so I’m trying to prepare for that as well.  At first, we didn’t know if planning a trip was in our family’s best interest given the situation of the pandemic.  Although a tough decision we went forward and booked the tickets and now we are not looking back.  We figure we will be as safe as we can and leave it in God’s hands.

The cities we are booked for call for oversized sweaters and warm leggings + boots.  It gets me so excited just thinking of all the different outfits I can plan out.  I currently live in Florida and they don’t call it the “Sunshine State” for no reason.  It literally is super sunny and hot ALL. THE. TIME.  Once we get into December-February the days do get a little cooler but don’t stay cool for very long.  I’m glad I finally elaborated on this because people are always surprised at the happiness I feel when the temps reach 60°. In my mind, it is the perfect wine drinking weather.  Yes?

Let’s check out this cute #OOTD…


Hey☝🏼before I go, I always include budget-friendly options + similar items in case things sell out.  I gotcha covered!!

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