Favorite Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel 11If I could have any floor design I want – I want this one.  

bathroom remodel 12If I could have any tub I want, this one would be the one.  

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, perhaps in a previous post…  Since moving into the Shaddelee house, we have been working on tackling a home project every year.  We want to do this for two main reasons, 1.) make our home more valuable; 2.) make our home our own.  Great reasons.  Right?  We’ve both owned homes before but have never really put much into them at the time.  Either we were always working, never saved up for the project or just didn’t feel motivated.  You know how it goes.  Do you?  This year we want to remodel our bathrooms.  They are not in bad shape, nor are they horrible looking.  In our minds, they can be more functional, and modern.  For instance, the tub isn’t really a tub.  It is more like a sunken shower area.  I do admit I do soak in it, but I feel really funny about it.  What can I say?  I have to sore muscles from time to time.  You know all that spinning and barre.

Anyway, I wanted to share what I have in mind for our space in question.  I also love being inspired and thought you would appreciate great design too.

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bathroom remodel 1I love the contrast between the dark fixtures and the light stone work.  

bathroom remodel 2This is something I’m thinking about for the second bathroom.  Simple and clean.  

bathroom remodel 3In the master bathroom, there isn’t a lot of space as we speak now.  I’m hoping that there is a possibility of tearing a wall down to accommodate a proper size tub for my soak. 

bathroom remodel 3I’m in love with this look!  This picture had me at gray & white.  I would love to add touches of glam like they did by adding the gold.  So pretty.  

bathroom remodel 4I’m all about a great looking marble counter top.  It makes everything look bright and elegant.  

bathroom remodel 5I was immediately drawn to the floor in this picture.  This is something that I would like in both bathrooms.  It looks chic & easy to keep clean.  

bathroom remodel 5I have to say that I have this rug in my office (check it out here).  This would be ideal in the second bathroom.  White is so pretty in a bathroom.  I know it may be hard to keep clean, but I’m willing to suffer the consequences.  Can we also just stare in lust of those mirrors.  One-word guys, “GORGEOUS”.

bathroom remodel 6This is just FINE y’all.  As a true Texan would say.  It’s funny how a simple water fixture can cause such a fuss.  

bathroom remodel 7If I opt to stray from using white in the second bathroom, I want something of this color combo.  This is sort of the layout now, so I see it so easily being updated with this.  We’re hoping for a quick change of the counter top & cabinetry, and we are calling it a day.  

bathroom remodel 8I really like this idea.  Right now, we use a metal, 3 tier shower tower which is functional, but not easy on the eyes.  Do you know what I mean?   People we need help.

bathroom remodel 9Can we just take a moment…..  I am in awe with these walls and how they continued with the same material all throughout the space.  Love it.  

bathroom remodel 10I know this one would probably not work in out bathroom, but I just wanted to point out the sconces.  I definitely want better lighting in our bathroom (master).  I always run to the opposite end of the house (my office) to apply my makeup/fix the hair.  It would be nice to have the room & lighting to be able to do it in our bathroom.  Yes?

Once we get closer to contracting out our bathroom project, I will take before/after pictures to share with you.  We are both very excited with what the designers come up with.  Have you gone through a remodeling project before?  How did it turn out?







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