Nittany’s 1st Photo Shoot






Nittany’s first photo shoot was a great success!  I thought she wasn’t going to cooperate, but I was wrong.  When I was setting up my camera all I could think is how she was going to play around.  Isn’t that what pets want to most of the time?  I really wanted some decent pics of her to display around our home.  She photographs well if I should say so myself.  Can you tell I’m in love?    She is a very playful & loving pup.

I didn’t hire a professional photographer or anything like that – I took the pictures myself.  I figured it was a great time to do it because she was turning 1 soon.  She looks a lot more mature in the photos than she looks in person.  Here is a picture of her two days ago.  If you follow me on Instagram here,  you’ll see updates on Nittany on a regular basis.

Nittany is ready for spring break ⛵️. #petlovers #schnoodle #pets #nittanylions #springbreak
Nittany is ready for spring break ⛵️. #petlovers #schnoodle #pets #nittanylions #springbreak

Here is another one while we were visiting Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago.  She loves car rides, people, and shopping.

Nittany's favorite days are spent in the car... @nittanymae2013 #lifewithaschnoodle #schnoodle #petlover #nittanylions #beauty #beautyblog
Nittany’s favorite days are spent in the car… @nittanymae2013
#lifewithaschnoodle #schnoodle #petlover #nittanylions #beauty #beautyblog

Do you have any pets?  I would love to see pictures.  You can send them to or tag me on Instagram @ninamarieblogs.



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