Winter Trends

2022 so far…Winter has been brutal for my friends up north.  Luckily here in South Florida, we do not get as cold and raw winters.  Our winters consist of temperatures in the low 40’s and 60’s which is perfect for lightweight joggers + sweaters + coats.  And our winters only last for about two months, January + February.

Question: Do you wear summer clothes all year long?

Answer: No, obviously I do travel to areas where colder climates exist and it actually gets cold in Florida believe it or not.

Closet talk…My winter closet staples are always in neutral colors and I make sure to revamp my wardrobe around December of each year.  I know this task might sound grueling but it’s fun and feels good to donate a bunch of older pieces I no longer want or need.  To refresh my closet, I make sure I have 2-to 3 of the following items to rotate throughout the season: cardigan, jogger, sweater (tunic, cropped, regular), leggings, comfy jeans, long sleeve bodysuit, lightweight coat (longer), a puffer jacket (cropped), booties, snow boots, a pair of sneakers.

This is a trendy look that’s so popular every year created with basics that I already have in my closet.

Extra mentions...The earrings I am wearing in this post are by Diana Peters Designs, a jewelry designer based in Chicago.  You can place orders easily on her Instagram page here.  

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