Top Coats Under $100

Norstrom is having a coat sale!  I know I have some trips planned where I will definitely need a coat to keep warm.  You probably do too, yes?  I can’t tell you how many times I ventured out on a trip and thought I was okay with just a sweater or long sleeve thermal.  No, no, no, you have to plan for these things, especially, if you live in a tropical warmer climate like me.  Anyone else live in Florida?

When the phrase comes to mind, “wing it” don’t do it.  It will result in spending too much for a coat.  At least, if you shop early enough for an upcoming trip or just to prepare for the season you’ll make the right choice and get what you really want to get.  I think this post today is extra special because I’m only including coats under $100.  There are some really cute ones under $60 – you won’t miss them.  Leave in the comments below which coat was your top pick?

Happy shopping – have an amazing Tuesday!!

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