Fall Best Sellers on ETSY

I love shopping at ETSY, especially, when I am redecorating a space in our home.  ETSY has so many unique shops some large most small businesses.  I do love supporting small business because I was once a small business owner.  It is really hard reinvesting your money into your business, not seeing a paycheck for a while, and also gaining your own clientele database.  It is tough out there!  When there’s an opportunity I do love to support.  For those of you new to my blog, I use to have my own photography business.  It was called Nina Marie Photography and my main focus was weddings.  I did shoot family, holiday, and other stuff…my true passion was weddings.

Some of the items I included in today’s post are things I have already purchased myself.  I would not recommend something that isn’t of good quality or a bad business.  One of my favorite pieces is the leopard pillows.  You can buy the cover alone as well as the actual insert.  Obviously, if you buy the insert it does raise the price.  I highly recommend the insert because it is amazing and saves you time looking for one.  The cover itself is velvet and looks so high-end.  In our home, we love mixing textures + high-end looks.  Emphasizing on, “looks”!

Another favorite thing that I absolutely am obsessed with is repurposing Louis Vuitton leather goods.  These small shops take authentic Louis Vuitton handbags and leather goods and repurpose them by making key chains, Airpod cases, accents on handbags, etc…  It’s the coolest thing ever and apparently, it’s not against the law either.  Apparently, if you have purchased the bag or if the handbag was a gift, you can basically do whatever you want with it.

Most of these things, you can include in a gift or use around your home to take your holiday decor up a few notches.  I can’t wait till October 1st, that is when I will be putting out my “Hey There Pumpkin” mat out at the front door.  Soon after, I will probably make a run to Costco to purchase two huge mums, $10.99 each.  They are large enough to display at the front door – if cared for properly, they last for a good while.  I love the purple ones!!

The last thing that I wanted to recommend is the graphic tees for the fall season.  I don’t know about you but I love, love, love graphic tees for any occasion.  Its a must that you check these out in particular because they have some really cute ones for the fall – that’s including football season.  ESTY is #winning!!

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