Cute Teacher Appreciation Gift Recs

Teacher Appreciation Week started today…have you gotten your special gift yet???  Gifts can come in many sizes, shapes, and forms they don’t necessarily need to be a gift bought online or in-store.  You can always bake something, or make something with love and gift it to your favorite teacher.  No matter what it’s so nice to acknowledge them regardless because it’s a difficult job.

Growing up I would always hear this joke, “those who can’t do, teach.”  It wasn’t until I got my degree in education that I felt so offended by that.  It was so hard to earn that degree and working in the field is even harder.  Teachers are special and without them, our children wouldn’t be getting the skill they need to get through life and further their careers.

I understand that no two teachers are the same and there are some that shouldn’t be teaching.  I try to focus on the good ones though and not categorize the whole group just by those who shouldn’t be teaching.  In my life, there have been so many teachers that made a huge impact all the way up to college.  They went above and beyond to help me and I feel blessed.

I want to share some gift recommendations that are super cool and would be appreciated by any teacher.

teacher appreciation day week


I hope this was helpful!!  If you have any recommendations or would like to share what you gifted your teachers please leave them in the comments below.


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