Spring + Summer Dresses under $50

Hey everyone!!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend with your family or whatever it is you enjoy in your spare time.  It was Todd’s 50th birthday on Saturday so we spent the day showing him some love + attention.  We ended the weekend on the couch watching all of his favorite TV shows.  A lot of times we get separated when it comes to our TV shows.  This isn’t bad at all it just means that we don’t enjoy the same type of shows.  For instance, I love watching The Real Housewives shows – my favorites is Beverly Hills.  Todd says those shows give him stress which I can understand but I love them.  He likes Billions and till this day I just can’t get into it at all.  It was nice that on Sunday we were able to chill and hang out together watching what he loves.  Guys, it’s all about compromise.

Last Friday, I spent the day shopping online for some upcoming trips.  I ran across some really great deals on spring + summer dresses.  They are so darn cute and the price is undeniable.  I thought this was the perfect way to start this week, with a post all about my findings for my lovely ladies out there.  You know who you are!!  I know a lot of you love a great deal as much as you love a dainty little summer dress.  Yes??  Here they are – please tell me which one is your favorite – even though you don’t buy I’d still like to know.  You can leave it in the comments or DM me on Instagram @ninamarieblogs.  Happy shopping!!!

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