Simple Spring Looks

Spring season is only a few days away…are you excited about it???  I’ve been enjoying seeing all the fun colors and prints that are coming first in the spring season. I’ve already ordered a few things and I am patiently waiting for them to come in the mail – I’m so excited to style them and show you some good fashion inspiration on the blog.

Excited to check my mail again…

These pieces came in the mail a few days ago, they are perfect for travel, everyday outfits, staying on budget when it comes to fashion, and overall just feeling good in what you are wearing.  I don’t know about you but I always love to feel confident and good in what I’m wearing it makes a huge difference.  I also love when I can save money while shopping for any season. Some people feel they have to spend a fortune to fill their closets up for each season that goes by but that is not true.

How important are basics?

I try to keep my basics up-to-date which consist of my white tees, a favorite pair of jeans, and some neutral pieces.  At the start of a new season, I pick up a few things to add in color or a certain vibe that I’m going for. I do not worry about filling up my closet with trendy items because I know it’s just a trend and it won’t last very long.

Here are a few pieces that are trickling in so far I hope you enjoy them.

Dress: True to size – comes in a variety of colors – so comfy Shoes: True to size – super comfy – block heel

Bodysuit: True to size – also comes in blue Shorts: I sized up one size for an oversized look Shoes: True to size – comes in other colors – comfy

revolve peplum top
Top: True to size – comes in white too – so light + fun Shorts: I sized up 1 size – comes in a few wash colors Shoes: True to size – comes in two other colors – padded soles



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